Certified translations

You need a certified translation of your business documents, deeds, certificates etc. to present them at government agencies?

Send us the documents for translation. E mail or fax would be best.
In case of scanned documents we require your confirmation that you are holding the original.

We prepare an offer for you with a fixed price - free of charge and without obligation.

Translation and certification are executed by a translator officially certified, sworn or authorized at court.

The translator adds the certificate of acknowledgment, the attestation stamp and their signature, thus also confirming correctness of content.

If desired, you receive a preliminary version without certification as a Word file.

Then the certified translation of your document is sent to you by mail.

We can execute the following certified translations for you:

  • business documents
  • contracts of all kinds
  • financial statements, balances
  • excerpts from the commercial register, HRA
  • certificates
  • reports
  • statements
  • attestations
  • other documents.

Everything in prooves quality

We can execute translation services in accordance with DIN-EN 15038. That is what our DIN CERTCO registrations (reg. no. 7U304) stands for.
Arrange with us standards-compliant services!


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