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Despite carefully control of the contents we are not taking over any liability for the contents of external links. For the contents of linked sites exclusively the owner of the sites are responsible.

In case any rights may possibly be infringed by information on these web sites, i.e. trademark rights or copyrights, you are being asked to report this immediately by e-mail or otherwise in writing to us. In such cases we will change the contents into legal condition immediately.
This note should serve all parties. You may possibly know that infringements of trademark rights by Keyword-Advertising have been answered in affirmative sometimes and sometimes it was not the case. Test cases, in which this issue should be clarified by a Federal Court, are pending. It is also economically unnecessary to file for legal processes again.
In such and comparable cases we will be removing the infringement immediately. A written warning is thus not necessary and therefore we are not obliged to refund any costs arising out of a written warning. 

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We can execute translation services in accordance with DIN-EN 15038. That is what our DIN CERTCO registrations (reg. no. 7U304) stands for.
Arrange with us standards-compliant services!


ARO Übersetzungsservice Germany
Lohnerhofstrasse 2
78467 Konstanz
Phone: +49 7531 89262668

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